How to use ABC Air

The ABC Air On line File Exchange system allows users to upload files/folders to ABC Imaging for processing and distribution. The system is a quick and user friendly way to transfer your print data to the ABC Imaging print rooms.

Follow the simple instructions for the steps involved in signing up and using our system.

Don't want to sign up? no problem you can use your Drop Box account to upload your files.

Want to find out more?

Call. 020 7253 4311

Your files and job instructions are now  on the ABC - File Transfer Server and the ABC Imaging team have received your files and instructions.

If you need any more information please give us a call on 020 7253 4311

ONE To become a user you will need to email a request to specifying your full name, email address and at which office you are based. Once the information has been verified a user account will be created for you. You will receive a welcome email detailing your user details. The first time you login at  (fig01) you will be asked to change your password and verify the change.

TWO Once logged in you will see your home screen (fig02). Click on the folder that bears your username.

THREE Click the “Upload/Send Files” button. (fig03) Browse to the files you require. Due to the of the page and to overcome any potential client side problems files must be attached individually. There are three file upload buttons.To upload multiple files (more than 3) please create a zip file of all files and upload the zip file (See attached create a zip file pdf ).

FOUR Once the files have been selected you can check the “Email me confirmation when each recipient first downloads these files” if you require notification that the files are being processed. You can also select the amount of me the file can be downloaded. Next enter your job instructions into the “Send a message with your File(s)” field. Please include as much as possible to ensure your job is processed correctly. Finally select the ABC Imaging user in the right pane to receive the message/job instructions. The general abc site will just have the user "abc imaging"

This is important as if no recipient is selected no job instructions will be received.

Click “Upload Files”. (fig04)